Specialized Services

Predictive Maintenance Programs

Vibration trending is considered the basis for all predictive maintenance efforts involving rotating equipment. From the periodic collection and analysis of vibration data we can help your maintenance department determine when various machines need service or repair. In this way you can concentrate the efforts of your maintenance staff on the machines that need attention the most and avoid arbitrary tear down inspections on machines that may not require it. The result is, the overall condition of your equipment is improved and lost production time failures are minimized.

PDM Program Benefits Include

  • Reduce lost production time failures
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased machinery life
  • Reduced repair parts inventory
  • Improved utilization of maintenance staff
  • Reduced overall maintenance

Vibration Analysis

Are you experiencing excessive vibration or having repeated failures of a machine? We can analyze the problem through the use of vibration analysis and help you decide the best course of action for correction. Depending on the type of equipment we can support your maintenance department in its repair or we can make the repair ourselves.

Thermography Inspections

Periodic thermographic T surveys of electrical or mechanical systems can reveal problems that are not obvious to the naked eye. Exceptions discovered during such surveys are recorded and then presented in an easy to understand report in which each exception is assigned a severity rating based on NETA standards. From this valuable information, repairs can be scheduled based on individual severity levels and therefore prevent unforeseen failure, downtime, or further damage.

Lube Oil Analysis

Periodic sampling and analysis of the lube oil from your critical machinery can reveal a number of important factors concerning the health of the lube oil and the machinery itself. Written reports will trend the overall quality of the oil including contaminants and wear particle counts. There is no need to arbitrarily change out lubricants based strictly on a time interval. Instead, lubricants can be changed out based on recommendations included in the report, thus saving time, money and prolonging the life of the machinery.

Precision Laser Shaft Alignment

Shaft misalignment is documented to be the number one cause of the early demise of seals and bearings in direct drive equipment. We are able to properly align your equipment with either dial indicators or our very sophisticated computerized laser alignment equipment. In addition, we are able to assure proper alignment of your more critical machines by measuring the dynamic and thermal changes from an off line to running condition.

Liquid Metal Shaft Repair

Do you have a damaged blower or fan shaft that's in a tight space and difficult or impossible to access for replacement? It might be repairable in place using a "liquid metal" repair process. Let us evaluate the damage before you have to move equipment or put a hole in your mechanical room wall to pull out that shaft.

Field Dynamic Balancing

Rotating equipment such as fans and blowers can become out of balance over time due to wear and contaminant build up. If left unattended, If unbalance can shorten the life of the bearings or even cause structural failure. We can dynamically balance your equipment in place. However, you should first allow us to analyze the vibration in your equipment to make sure the problem really is unbalance.

New Equipment Start Ups

We can perform documented acceptance testing of new or rebuilt equipment. Don't wait to find out until sometime later that something is wrong. Make sure that unit you just spent a lot of money on is ready to operate property.