Quality services and workmanship for all Screw, Centrifugal, and Reciprocating Chiller Operations.

When equipment breaks down; fast, effective, and budget-conscious solutions are essential. At BME we pride ourselves on over four decades of practical solutions and satisfied customers. Ultimately two factors determine the life span and operating effectiveness of your chiller: proper planned maintenance and proper service.

Whether you are an industrial facility with precision air quality or process requirements, a hospital with critical temperature control demands or a retail / office building with a client comfort issue, you can count on BME for personalized solutions.

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  • Seasonal and Yearly Maintenance Programs
  • Major Chiller Repair
  • Major Chiller Overhaul and Tube Replacement
  • Eddy Current Tube Analysis
  • Spectrographic Oil Analysis
  • Chiller Replacements
  • Temporary Chiller Service
  • Chiller Design
    Planned PM Programs
  • Full Coverage PM Programs
  • Extended Warranty Programs