Your Independent Source for Cooling Tower Parts

The Best Part for the Best Price

We find the best part at the best price...we are not loyal to any one manufacturer. For example, we can supply you with a less costly aftermarket gear box that is designed to replace your existing OEM gear box. You get a piece of equipment that operates just as well but for a lower cost.

Should you decide that OEM parts are necessary, we can supply those as well. Because of the volume of parts we purchase from manufacturers, we get better prices and those savings are passed on to you!

When You Need a Part Immediately

Beyond quality and price, we offer speed...we pride ourselves on our strong track record of providing replacement parts under emergency circumstances. That's whey we immediately start to work on your problem-whether that means same day shipment of in-stock parts or drop shipment from a manufacturer. We can have your much needed supplies on-site within twenty-four hours. Few manufacturers can promise or deliver such attention to customer needs.

A Commitment to Meeting Your Needs

The final element that makes BME different rests in our attitude. Some of our competitors have grown so large that they have forgotten about the needs of their customers. We are not the largest company in the field, but if being the leader means leaving customer needs unmet, we would prefer to stay where we are… large enough to provide value and small enough to value our customers.

We are happy to provide support in your choice of parts, your installation, and your budgeting. Whether you simply need an expedient way to get a replacement or need total on-site renovation and repair, BME's staff of experts are on-call to help you keep your cooling tower up and running.

As an independent company, we have your interests in mind. We can supply you with the best component part for the best price, along with installation advice or total turnkey support. So when a cooling tower need arises, keep BME Cooling Tower Division in mind.

We are Your Independent Cooling Tower Specialist.

You might ask yourself, "Why is an Independent Cooling Tower Specialist a better supplier of parts than an original manufacturer?"

The answer is simple. We have the freedom to utilize all cooling tower companies.

Quality Parts for Your Project

Fill and Drift Eliminators

Cellular heavy duty PVC fill media and drift eliminators being used throughout the industry in new cooling towers. Each shipment from BME is sized for your cooling tower and can be installed by your staff or our technicians. These high efficiency fill and drift eliminators can improve your cooling tower's capacity by 25-30%. Our computer analysis will predict your new capacity. Standard PVC fill media and drift eliminators will operate from 85° to 130° F. High temperature CPVC will operate from 130° to 165° F.

Fan Stacks

New high efficiency fan stacks keep moist air from recirculating into the tower or into other towers. The high stacks also provide OSHA APPROVED fan protection, while the access door provides entry for maintenance.

Drive Shafts

We supply new composite drive shafts or traditional steel drive shafts to fit any cooling tower


BME can supply you with a broad selection of siding and louvers in fiberglass and PVC materials.


You can replace a ten-blade steel fan with a six-blade fiberglass fan and REDUCE needed HORSEPOWER BY 25-40%. At the same time, you actually improve the air flow because of the fan's new, high efficiency design. Your tower, just because it is 10 to 25 years old, does not have to operate with outdated component parts.

Gear Boxes

New and rebuilt gear boxes from BME can improve tower reliability. A variety of designs and reduction ratios are available to assure optimum fan performance. BME also carries the Amarillo A" Series right angle gear drives that are direct replacement for the Marley® Cooling Tower line of right angle drives.

Fiberglass Components

BME can supply you with durable prefabricated fiberglass components. From structural members to stairways and louvers, BME is your best resource for parts that are fire resistant, U.V. protected and resistant to environmental hazards like salt water and chemical erosion.

Any Part... Any Time

BME can supply you with any part that your project requires.

  • Louvers/Siding
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • Access Walkways, Ladders, and Stairs
  • Casings
  • Spray Nozzles
  • Basin Heaters
  • Hot Water Headers, Pans, and Covers
  • Blower Wheels
  • Lumber
  • Motorized Valves
  • Water Level Controllers
  • Water Distribution Systems