Customer Testimonials

Cottingham Retirement Community

As I begin my retirement effective for July 30, 2016, I just wanted to say “Thanks” to each one of you for providing me the resources to provide services to the patients of Deaconess Hospital and the residents at Cottingham Retirement Community for 34 years. I have made some specific comments for each of you:

BME, HVAC contractor – Thanks so much Carl, Bernie, Nick for servicing our equipment and by providing a comfortable environment for my residents.

I will never forget your dedication or your friendship.

Cottingham Retirement Community – Cincinnati, OH

Emerson Industrial Automation

We have always been very pleased with quality of service for of all our HVAC needs. BME technicians are professional and always strive to do the job right. They do a great job with our HVAC Preventive Maintenance (PM) program. BME is quick to respond any time we have a need. I would HIGHLY recommend […]


We have always been pleased with the knowledge and professionalism of the technicians and the response that we receive during ‘emergency’ situations. BME always strives to fix it right the first time, and on those rare occasions that it requires additional work, they return promptly and will stay until the problem has been 100% fixed. […]

Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing

Thank you for the prompt service you guys provide for us… It’s a big load off of my mind to know I have a company that will just get it done so I can move on to other fires that need putting out. Facilities Building Groups Supervisor Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc. […]

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